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Social Inclusion is an integral part of the support that Lumsden Support Ltd provide. Our aim is to provide a service where everyone feels socially free from exclusion. Lumsden Support Ltd offer access to services that can provide work based training and education. We strive to motivate our customers/service users to be more socially aware either with one on one support or within group based activities. Anything goes with Social Inclusion, from shopping to bowling, swimming to seaside trips. The sky really is the limit!


The values that underpin social inclusion:


Everyone Is Ready – None of us has to pass a test or meet a set of criteria before we can be included.


Everyone Can Learn – As human beings we all grow and change and make mistakes: and we are all capable of learning.


Everyone Needs Support - Sometimes some of us need more support than others.


Everyone Can Contribute – We need to recognise, encourage and value each person’s contributions - including our own.


Everyone Can Communicate – Not using words doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to say.


Together We Are Better – We are not dreaming of a world where everyone is like us - difference is our most important renewable resource.